I have more than 20 years of experience as a copy editor, and have edited for three major metropolitan newspapers and four magazines. I’ll work with your organization’s existing style guide — and if you don’t have one, I can help you develop it.

I can work with almost any well-known style guide you require, including:

  • AP Stylebook
  • AMA Manual of Style
  • APA Style
  • Chicago Manual of Style

I offer three tiers of editing:


Light editing. I’ll make sure your finished manuscript is free of typos and formatted correctly. This is the best if your piece is ready for the printer or has been printed in “proof” form. This is usually the last edit before publication.

Copy editing

A deeper edit. I’ll look for grammar, punctuation, spelling, tone and style errors. I’ll rewrite where necessary to fix wordiness, transitions, and ensure your piece fits the style of the publication. This is often the second step in the editing process.

Content editing

The most substantive approach. I’ll check your manuscript for factual errors, inconsistencies, contradictions, plot holes and problems with theme, dialogue, and character development. This is usually the first step in the editing process. Sometimes combined with copy editing.

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